Established in 1989, Espyr™ is the leading behavioral health company developing innovative solutions for maximizing human and organizational potential.  Our solutions cover a continuum of care from chronic and acute health conditions to helping people excel; from restoring well-being to accelerating human performance.


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Delivering Employee Potential

Restoring and enhancing employee well-being will reduce absenteeism, employee turnover and healthcare costs.
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Building Tomorrow’s Leaders

Leaders are made, not born. ESPYR’s coaching and training programs will improve performance and build resiliency in your organization.
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Creating More Effective Organizations

Consulting, coaching and training resources to help your HR organizations deal with everything from performance management to conflict resolution to organization design
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Supporting Student Success and Retention

Helping colleges and universities retain students, sometimes even before they arrive their first year, by addressing student and family problems that can disrupt student well-being and academic success.
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The Espyr Difference
A Continuum Of Care

Espyr’s unique care model spans a continuum from restoring well-being to enhancing human potential. Through assistance programs, work/life programs, coaching and training we help individuals and your organization become stronger, more resilient and more productive.

We get results
  • 92% of program participants surveyed say we helped them with their issue
  • Engagement rates over 25%
  • 70%  said they became more effective on the job
Large enough to serve, small enough to care

We operate as a nimble, creative partner with a maniacal focus on client experience. Maybe that’s why our Net Promoter Score of 66 places us among the leading companies widely renowned for great service.
When your employees call Espyr their calls are always answered by licensed, certified clinicians. Our clients appreciate this focus on client experience as evidenced by our 97% Intake Center satisfaction rating.

We own our network

Espyr has developed, trained and maintains a nationwide network of over 45,000 consultants, counselors and experienced professionals. We’ve served clients under the most extreme and challenging environments and support geographically dispersed work forces in highly remote locations.

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“I can’t say enough about your services… You’ve been a true partner with me for management referrals, post-incident debriefing with staff, and regular support and guidance. Your professionalism and expertise in all things EAP are the best I’ve had over many years in Human Resources. I would strongly recommend your company to any organization that values employee health, wellness, and wholeness.”
Doug Fine, HR Manager

EAP Consultants Rebrands as Espyr
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