Your People’s Mental Health Matters.

Espyr® provides accessible and welcoming ways for people to get the support they need when they need it. Our mission is to help people and organizations reach their full potential by getting in front of mental and behavioral health issues (before they get worse), leading to higher engagement, reduced healthcare costs, and happier people.

Immediate Support

Our mental health solutions break down the barriers to getting help—no appointments, no waiting, and accessible for everyone. We offer counseling, coaching, and consulting on your employee’s or student’s terms.

Higher Engagement

With over 2 million lives and counting, our engagement rate is 25% compared to the average 4-6% of traditional EAPs. Taking care of your people isn’t just a tagline for us, it’s our Call-to-Action.

High-Quality Care

We have a strong provider network with over 30k providers. We continue to expand and evolve our network to work better for all members, ensuring better outcomes and a positive member experience.

Amplify Your People’s Well-Being Journey.

Mental Health Support

The New Employee Assistance Program
“I feel mentally exhausted, I think I need help…”

Give your team a smart upgrade to your traditional Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Student Mental Health Support

Student Mental Health Services

“I’m having suicidal thoughts, I feel alone, I’m confused…”

Provide immediate mental health support for your students and faculty, going beyond a traditional Student Assistance Program.

Mental Health Consulting & Training

Mental Health Consulting & Training

“I want to provide employee resiliency training to our team…”

Empower your team to debunk common myths, reduce stigma, take assessments and build the necessary skills to support mental health at work.

Employee Health Coaching

Health Coaching for Employees

“I want to lose weight and be more active…”

Support your people in making healthier lifestyle changes to improve their health and wellness.

Our Individualized Approach

We provide well-being support to your people with immediate access to a counselor without appointments. Through easy and flexible entry points, prevention, proactiveness, and participation set us apart from the rest.

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Compassion-Driven Member Outcomes

Every touchpoint we have with our members consists of compassion, guidance, and outcomes, not just response times. We have the above-average numbers to prove it.

Net Promoter Score

vs. an average of 27 in the healthcare industry

Member Feedback on Financial Stress

“The responsiveness, respect, and care in which I was handled exceeded all my expectations. From the very first point of contact, I was treated with total respect and I felt as though I was truly cared for.”

Engagement Rate

vs. an average of 4-6% from other EAPs

Member Feedback on Relationship Issues

“I really didn’t know where to start when I was seeking some advice; all it took was calling. They listened to my need and connected me to whom I needed answers from. Thank you. Great program, and thanks for the support.”

Absenteeism Hours

vs. an average of 18 hrs prior to clinical support 

Member Feedback On Divorce

“The fact that we are entitled to 12 sessions through our benefits shows that our work cares about our well-being. Also, Espyr counselor was great. Thank you for the help. It saved my marriage.”

A Digital Connection That Has Your Back

Meet Tess. Tess is Espyr’s digital Cognitive-Based Therapy (dCBT) approach that gives members another inclusive layer to help change behavioral and thinking patterns. The goodness includes:

  • Elevated immediacy and convenience
  • Focus on the present and future coping skills
  • Superior security and confidentiality

Make mental health support accessible, comfortable, and life-changing for everyone in your organization.

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Mental Health Resources for Your Journey

 White Paper
Discover the state of our employee’s mental health and proactive solutions to deploy.

3 Ways to Address Mental Health in the Workplace

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Discover strategies to shift your culture toward inclusiveness to help employees.

Addressing Mental Health in the Workplace Webinar

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Learn why the employee experience starts at their mental health and what HR can do.

Mental Health at the Heart of Employee Experience

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You’re in Good Company

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