Controlling healthcare costs. Reducing absenteeism and employee turnover. Developing the leaders for your organization’s future. Who can you turn to help you achieve all these goals?

Imagine a better you

Espyr has been helping companies face challenges like these since 1989.  Originally established to provide Employee Assistance Programs, as our business grew we recognized that our true mission was more than just providing clients with the best assistance and work/life programs. Our clients often needed more than traditional EAP, work/life and wellness programs. That’s why at Espyr today we’re focused on helping people and organizations imagine and achieve their full potential.

Achieve the success you know you can

We still offer the most innovative and most comprehensive Employee Assistance and Work/Life Programs anywhere. But we’ve also applied our partnering approach to client relationships with a maniacal focus on client experience to a broad portfolio of leadership training and development, as well as organizational effectiveness products. We’re not just helping people and organizations get better; we’re helping them go further.

Conquer new goals and aspirations

Can you imagine the possibilities when your organization is ready and eager to reach for new challenges and aspire to new goals? We can. We see it all the time with employees we’ve helped overcome personal or family issues. In department heads and executives who have conquered management challenges. In organizations that set new standards of performance.

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maximize my people’s potential
Show me how I can maximize my people’s potential
“You’ve really gone above and beyond for our employees, managers and myself over the last three years. It is always a good feeling to know you have such professional and knowledgeable staff in your corner, when you really need them the most. I would hands down recommend you to any business looking for an employee assistance program for their organization.”
Tabitha B. Pace, PHR
Human Resource Director
SearStone-RLA, Inc.
Cary, NC

We’re Everywhere You Need Us

We develop, train and maintain our own provider network. This direct relationship with our network provides unique advantages over companies who work through insurance company or borrowed networks.

  • We provide relevant, hands-on training that ensures our providers are well
    equipped and prepared for EAP and work/life counseling and assessment
  • We know the right advisor/counselor with the specific training and assessment skills for a client’s unique needs
Our Continuum of Care

Our approach to assisting organizations and their employees is unique and reflects our vision and scope beyond traditional EAP companies. We provide a Continuum of Care addressing a spectrum of health, well-being and effectiveness issues. From acute or chronic health issues to recovery and prevention. From developing and training tomorrow’s leaders to strengthening organizational effectiveness. From personal financial and legal advice to coaching and consulting. All delivered with a spirit of unparalleled client experience to help our clients and their people reach for and achieve their full potential.

Our Partners

We’re proud to have these fine organizations as our partners.