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Espyr is the leading behavioral health company developing innovative solutions for maximizing human and organizational potential. Our solutions cover a continuum of care from restoring  well-being to accelerating human performance and organizational effectiveness.

Achieve the success you know you can

In addition to the most innovative and comprehensive Employee Assistance and Student Assistance programs found anywhere, we’ve created innovative behavioral health programs like Spotlight™.  Spotlight™ is a complete end-to-end behavioral health management solution that combines a built-in data analytics platform with behavioral health interventions.  The result?  Reduced healthcare claims costs, improved individual and team productivity, and improved employee engagement and retention.

Conquer new goals and aspirations

Businesses invest millions in leadership and organizational effectiveness training, but often fail to achieve meaningful and lasting results. The reason is that they don’t get at the root of behavioral health issues that prevent managers from achieving sustained development. Espyr’s unique coaching methodology identifies and addresses employee behavioral health issues, enabling employees to overcome performance barriers and achieve true, sustainable growth

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HR executive rasing her hand to ask a question at an Espyr management training session

“You’ve really gone above and beyond for our employees, managers and myself over the last three years. It is always a good feeling to know you have such professional and knowledgeable staff in your corner, when you really need them the most. I would hands down recommend you to any business looking for an employee assistance program for their organization.”

Tabitha B. Pace, PHR
Human Resource Director
SearStone-RLA, Inc.
Cary, NC


We develop, train and maintain our own provider network. This direct relationship with our network provides unique advantages over companies who work through insurance company or borrowed networks.

  • We provide relevant, hands-on training that ensures our providers and coaches are well
    equipped and prepared for EAP, work/life and SAP counseling  as well as leadership coaching
  • We know the right advisor/counselor with the specific training and assessment skills for a client’s unique needs

Our Continuum of Care

Our unique Continuum of Care model addresses a spectrum of behavioral health issues. These issues can span anywhere from acute or chronic health concerns that affect employee well-being to barriers restraining organizational effectiveness and development. We approach all of these challenges with a mission driven spirit of helping our clients and their organizations achieve their full potential.


Our Partners

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