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Suicide Awareness and Prevention; What You Should Know

September is Suicide Awareness and Prevention Month. It’s a national awareness month that calls attention to an important public health problem. It’s one that many people attend to only when they hear of a well-known person killing himself or herself. Or it’s an issue we too often dismiss as a purely personal and unavoidable one. […]

When A Mask Is Just Not Enough

As COVID-19 continues to spread and availability of a safe and effective vaccine is still in question, we need to accept that this “new normal” is here to stay for the foreseeable future.  For those who have had COVID-19 or get it in the future, we still have much to learn about lingering and long […]

Awareness Of Disparities In Minority Mental Health

July is Minority Mental Health Awareness Month. Why is this important? Because people of all races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, ages and religions experience mental health concerns. Some are transitory while others are chronic.   Some affect our quality of life, happiness, and wellbeing. Others can exacerbate existing medical conditions increasing suffering and costs to employers, taxpayers, […]

How To Deal With the Age of Anger

Americans are angry.  Angry about many things. In fact, if you watch TV news or pay attention to social media, you get the feeling that America is a boiling cauldron of anger.  People are angry about decades of societal indifference toward systemic racism. Angry about excessive use of force aimed at Black Americans by some […]

How Do I Know if I Have PTSD?

We often get asked the question, ” I’m having some of the symptoms of PTSD.  How do I know if I have PTSD?” The only way to know for sure if you have PTSD is to talk to your physician or a mental health care provider. He or she will ask you about your trauma, […]

What You Should Know About PTSD Symptoms and Treatments

National PTSD Awareness Day on June 27 is marked annually to call attention to effective treatments available to the millions of people – adults and children – who experience PTSD.  This blog is dedicated to helping you understand PTSD symptoms and treatments. PTSD is the name or diagnosis of a mental health condition that some […]

What is Juneteenth?

As if the public health emergency concerning COVID-19 was not causing enough grief, anxiety and emotional turmoil, Americans are now experiencing additional distress concerning the recent deaths of African American citizens in police excessive force incidents.  Many people are coming to recognize this as a pattern of use of excessive force by law enforcement embedded […]

Safety and Health: Why They’re Partners In Your Wellbeing

June is National Safety Month, as recognized by the National Safety Council.  The nation’s leading non-profit safety advocate, the NSC calls attention to how a focus on safety – from the workplace to anywhere – benefits people, employers and society. When most of us think about safety, we don’t immediately think about health, other than […]