What You Need To Know About Suicide ( And How Your EAP Should Help)

Nov 23, 2019 is Survivor Day, a nationally recognized day for those affected by suicide to join for support and healing.  Why is it important to recognize such a day?  As a leading Employee Assistance Program provider (EAP), we see first hand the loss and devastation that occurs after a suicide – for a family,…

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Announcing The Launch of Realyze™ – A Targeted, Proactive Solution To Employee Behavioral Health Conditions

For immediate release April 25, 2019 Marietta, GA: Espyr today is launching REALYZE, an innovative behavioral health solution that packs a one-two punch for employers. First, REALYZE identifies employees who have or are on the verge of having conditions like depression, stress, anxiety, PTSD or substance abuse. Then, it provides a proactive outreach ensuring at-risk…

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The Surging Suicide Rate; What Should Employers Do?

Today’s news headlines that life expectancy for Americans fell for the second time in the past 3 years painted a disturbing picture of life in America.   The primary reasons for the decline? Increasing deaths from opioid abuse and suicide. The suicide rate in America is up 33% in less than 20 years. Suicide is now…

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