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Coronavirus Anxiety is Spreading Fast

Thanks to the widespread and constant media coverage, we all know the factors that facilitate infectious pandemics like coronavirus (COVID-19). A rise in long-distance travel, increased international exchange and global climate changes are just some of the guilty parties helping the spread of disease across our planet faster than ever. We also know how to…

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Adult ADHD and Its Implications for Employers

Woman wondering whether she has ADHD

Employees are any employer’s most valuable asset.  That’s why I’m always encouraged whenever I hear professionals from outside the Behavioral Health field educating and informing employers about the business and organizational impact of untreated mental health conditions.  In this case, it was an article appearing in the Society of Human Resource Management’s HR Daily newsletter. …

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30 Years of Change in Workplace Mental Health. What Do Employers Need to Be Doing Now?

Mental health sign on workplace desk

October 2019 will mark Espyr’s 30th anniversary. Over those 30 years, we’ve witnessed significant changes in attitudes toward mental health, both by society at large and in the workplace. We’ve evolved as well, changing from EAP Consultants, a company focused primarily on comprehensive Employee Assistance Programs, to Espyr, a leading provider of behavioral health solutions…

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Do Your Employees Know Where To Go In A Crisis?

You’ve done everything right. You’ve learned how much a comprehensive Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can help with employee health and wellness.   You know happier, healthier employees are more productive. You helped put together a quality EAP. And, after reading our article on building a more effective EAP, you’ve taken the time and energy to…

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