Financial Wellness

How Financial Wellness Programs Are Good For Companies, Too

 While the current national economy is fairly strong, the state of our personal financial wellness is scarier than ever. According to the recent Country Financial Security Index, 67% of Americans are worried about their financial future, credit card debt last year hit a record high and 44% can’t come up with $400 to cover an…

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Health and Wellness: Revealing Trends In Benefits

The numbers don’t lie. The inclusion of new, innovative health and wellness offerings and initiatives as part of a company’s benefits package is increasing dramatically. In a survey by WorldatWork, the leading nonprofit professional association in compensation and total rewards, 900 respondents across the country described some of the ways companies in 2017 are taking…

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How To Reduce Employee Financial Stress And Boost The Bottom Line

For benefits decision makers, employee physical wellness has always taken center stage, first with health insurance, then with proactive wellness programs designed to keep employees healthier and save employers money. Over the last few decades, as stress and behavioral health issues have been shown to take their toll in dramatic ways, emotional wellness has found…

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How Productive Are You When You Can’t Make Ends Meet?

Money, is the leading cause of stress in America and, boy, are we stressed out these days! According to a study published in the Journal of Psychiatric Services, stress, anxiety and depression were at all time highs in 2017.  39% of respondents reported being more stressed than a year ago, while only 19% reported being…

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