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What if your high performers no longer like what they do?

High performers can lose their flow when they're not able to transfer their strengths to new roles

By Heather Graham, LCSW, CEAP Last month, we introduced the concept of flow and the use of character strengths in high performers. Flow is a term to describe when someone is fully immersed in an activity and they feel energized, focused and are enjoying the process.  Flow happens when someone is utilizing their specific character…

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Are Your Managers Truly Putting Their Strengths To Work?

Engaged female leader meeting with work team

By Heather Graham, LCSW, CEAP Creator of the Espyr Leadership Excellence and Development Coaching Program (LEAD)   When you enter the realm of leadership development, you hear a lot about strengths and assessments of those strengths.   Any great organization knows that when leaders are using their strengths, the organization performs better and reaches or even…

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