The Meaning of Mindfulness

Steve Jobs was known for his habit of walking around barefoot as a means of boosting his creativity while brainstorming or in meetings.  He jogged for the same reason.  These habits grew out of his exploration into Zen Buddhism earlier in life and his learning of mindfulness and meditation.  Speaking about the state of mindfulness…

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How Financial Wellness Programs Are Good For Companies, Too

 While the current national economy is fairly strong, the state of our personal financial wellness is scarier than ever. According to the recent Country Financial Security Index, 67% of Americans are worried about their financial future, credit card debt last year hit a record high and 44% can’t come up with $400 to cover an…

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What Every HR Manager Needs to Know About the Impact of Marijuana Legalization

With the conclusion of the 2018 midterm elections, Michigan became the 10th state (including District of Columbia) to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. In addition, voters in Utah and Missouri approved marijuana legalization for medical use, bringing the total number of states where medical use is legal to 33. Social acceptance of marijuana legalization…

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Dying For Help: Addressing Mental Health Stigma In The Workplace

Polished.  Buttoned up.  Accomplished.  Funny.   This was how Sally Saba, MD was described. And on March 5, 2017 she attempted to take her own life. So it was only natural that the filled auditorium was hushed when Dr. Saba, Vice President of Operations, Performance and Compliance in Diversity and Inclusion at Kaiser Permanente Health Plan…

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Do Your Employees Know Where To Go In A Crisis?

You’ve done everything right. You’ve learned how much a comprehensive Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can help the people in your company. You know happier, healthier employees are more productive. You helped put together a quality EAP. And, after reading our article on building a more effective EAP, you’ve taken the time and energy to introduce…

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