Bring Something Different

For consultants and brokers looking to bring added value to a client beyond typical EAP or wellness programs, consider Espyr.  As your partner, we'll provide the most innovative and comprehensive EAP and well-being programs you'll find anywhere.  But, as a leader in behavioral health services, we bring so much more.

  • We provide solutions that work and address the shortcomings and issues that many of your clients have with typical EAP, wellness and leadership programs.
  • Since 1989, we have never lost a client due to service issues, so you can trust us to take care of your clients.
  • We've learned a thing or two since 1989 about the issues specific to many of the industries your clients work in, so we're happy to provide a tailored solution that fits your clients' industry and any specific needs they may have.

If you’re looking for a partner who will help you bring something different to the table, take care of your client, and make the process easy for you please call us at 888 -570-3479.

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