EAP Consultants Rebrands as Espyr

New Name Reflects Mission of Helping Clients Maximize Human Potential

Marietta, GA: EAP Consultants, a leading provider of innovative, customized Employee Assistance and Work/Life programs, has rebranded to become Espyr.  The new branding reflects the company’s broader offering of products and services that have been developed to help clients maximize human and organizational potential.   Espyr continues to provide industry leading, customized EAP and Work/Life products, but also offers a full portfolio of Leadership Development and Training products, Organizational Effectiveness programs, and Student attainment and Assistance Programs.  Details of the company’s comprehensive product offerings can be found at its new website, www.espyr.com.

In stating the reason for the new branding, Espyr CEO Rick Taweel said, “We work as partners with our clients, and working that closely we could see that they needed more than what a traditional EAP company provided.  So, we’ve been actively enhancing our capabilities with new products and broader expertise in order to meet our client’s ever expanding needs.  We’ve always helped our clients control healthcare costs, reduce employee turnover and absenteeism, and create more engaged and productive employees.  Now, we see our mission as helping people and organizations achieve their full potential.”

Originally established in 1989 as EAP Consultants, LLC, Espyr’s solutions cover a continuum of care; from chronic and acute health conditions to helping people excel. From developing and training tomorrow’s leaders to strengthening organizational effectiveness.  From restoring well-being to accelerating human performance.   Supported by a provider network of more than 45,000 certified, licensed clinicians, counselors, advisors and professionals, Espyr works with more than 2,000 clients, yet takes pride in preserving a company culture that is “large enough to serve but small enough to care.”

About Espyr:  Espyr is the leading provider of people-based solutions that improve individual and organizational effectiveness and well-being.  Espyr’s innovative, customized solutions help maximize human and organizational potential and are all delivered with a spirit of unparalleled client experience.  For more information go to espyr.com.