of the nation’s workforce suffers from mental health or substance abuse each year.

Studies show that nearly 25 percent of our nation’s workforce suffers from mental health or substance abuse issues each year. In a three-month period, adults with depression will each miss an average of 4.8 workdays,  creating a productivity loss estimated as high as $44 billion every year. These numbers don’t even account for employees struggling with family or financial well-being concerns.  Issues like these are what Espyr’s Employee Assistance Program was designed to manage.

Espyr’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) benefits your people and your bottom-line

Helping your employees achieve their full potential starts with their health and well-being.   Employees suffering from behavioral health issues such as stress, substance abuse, depression, marital and family problems or financial challenges will never achieve their full potential.  Espyr’s Employee Assistance Program can help your employees with all of these problems and more.  In fact, 92% of our client’s employees say that we’ve helped with their issue.  70% said we’ve helped them become more effective on the job.


of our client’s employees say that we’ve helped with their issue

A uniquely trained global provider network

We maintain a national network of over 45,000 licensed and certified counselors, psychologists, clinicians, therapists, and certified financial and legal advisors. We develop, train and maintain our own provider network. As a result, we know that our providers meet our stringent training criteria and enabling us to match the right provider to your employee’s needs. Not all EAPs can say that. With providers located throughout the US and in 140 countries around the globe, your employees are assured of 24/7 access to clinicians and professionals located near their work and home.

A wealth of resources to support you and your employees

We provide coaching to help supervisors, managers and HR navigate employee issues impacting productivity, teamwork, customer service and other areas. We also provide

  • Unlimited consultation regarding employees with job performance, attendance and conduct problems.
  • Monitoring of progress in EAP and all treatment for up to two years, when an employee is referred by management.
  • Unlimited consultation for issues such as sexual harassment, drug-free workplace, downsizing, conflict resolution and workplace violence.
  • Crisis management to assist with emergencies in the workplace including unlimited consultation for critical incidents and traumatic events.
  • Critical incident stress debriefings conducted on-site for traumatic incidents

In addition we offer a host of work/life seminars on topics such as stress management, team building, legal and financial advice, coping with change, working with difficult people, balancing work and personal life, maintaining a positive attitude and drug-free workplace. You’ll also have access to a library of training topics available onsite and via live or on-demand webinars.

Partnering is in our DNA

With an Espyr Employee Assistance Program you’re working with a partner who will be supporting you every step of the way. We provide a dedicated Relationship Manager, onsite and online training and employee orientation, comprehensive reporting and an array of marketing materials to promote employee awareness and engagement.

Creating The Right Employee Assistance Program For You

Every organization is different. The Employee Assistance Program you choose should reflect that and not try to be a one-size-fits-all.

We customize your EAP to fit your organization’s unique needs.  We include all the services you’d expect from an award winning EAP: counseling and referral services with our national network of over 45,000 licensed clinicians, trainers, counselors and professionals; work/life services such as financial and legal consultations, referrals for eldercare and childcare, and identity theft recovery (click for complete list of work/life services); management and organizational consulting; and critical incident management and reporting.

Innovative Add-on Services

Plus, we offer a variety of innovative services that can be added to your EAP if needed:

Industry Specific Solutions

After nearly 30 years of serving clients across every imaginable industry, we’ve learned that some industries have very unique EAP needs. To better serve clients in these industries, Espyr has developed customized industry specific solutions. Here are just a few of the many industries we serve with tailored solutions.

Law Enforcement – Learn more…

Healthcare – Learn more…

Government and Non-Profit – Learn more…


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