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Espyr® Announces Major Marketing Partnership with Fairbanks

By June 29, 2018August 24th, 2018No Comments

Partnership To Bring Next Generation Behavioral Health Management Program To Fairbanks Employer Relationships

Espyr, the leading behavioral health company developing innovative solutions for maximizing human and organizational potential, and Fairbanks, one of the oldest and most highly regarded alcohol and drug treatment centers in America, have agreed on a marketing partnership where Fairbanks Employer Services will help market Espyr’s Spotlight™ to Fairbanks’ portfolio of client companies. The product will be marketing under the name Fairbanks Spotlight™.

Spotlight is a state-of-the-art behavioral health management program specifically designed for self-insured employer groups of 500 or more. Using proactive behavioral health coaching and proprietary data analytics, Spotlight is able to identify and aid employees and their dependents that may need assistance.

Spotlight can reduce healthcare costs by up to 20%

Spotlight is a totally new and innovative approach to Behavioral Health. Spotlight’s impressive benefits more than pay for itself: reduced absenteeism, increased employee engagement, increased employee retention and a reduction in healthcare costs by up to 20%.  To learn more about Spotlight click here.

In announcing the partnership, Espyr CEO Rick Taweel stated, “ We are delighted to be partnering with such a well respected and successful organization as Fairbanks. Fairbanks recognized the benefit of using Spotlight to identify and address behavioral health issues in treating, and more importantly, preventing substance abuse problems. Spotlight is a perfect complement to the services they already provide to their many employer relationships.“

To learn more go to Fairbanks Employer Services.