At Espyr, we go beyond just offering products and solutions. We’re your Organizational Effectiveness partner, working to help you improve employee and organizational performance and mitigate potential workplace risks.   Working together, we proactively address challenges to employee well-being and organizational success before they become larger, more complex issues. And together, we can achieve more than you might imagine.

Espyr’s Organizational Effectiveness solution is a suite of four products designed to provide you the resources, consultation and tools to achieve your organization’s potential.  Additional products, several which are particularly relevant to law enforcement, first responders, security firms and any safety sensitive employer, are available as optional add-ons to the Organizational Effectiveness suite.

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Espyr’s Organizational Effectiveness suite includes the following products.

Management & Organizational Consulting

Achieving your ambitious performance goals can be a challenge in the best of times. But if you’re not prepared for the array of complex employee situations that could crop up at any moment, you may find that the best of times don’t occur often enough for you to achieve your organization’s full potential. That’s why we help you to develop a proactive approach customized to your specific needs.

Espyr’s team of professionally trained, experienced consultants will provide critical strategies to help you handle a host of situations. We train and assist your supervisors and managers to proactively recognize employees who may need assistance and successfully refer them to our services for help. With our guidance, your supervisors and managers will play a vital role in the early identification of employees with deteriorating job performance due to personal issues.

Senior HR Consultations

In today’s continually changing regulatory environment, business owners and managers often encounter complex personnel and human resource compliance issues, but they may not have the appropriate HR expertise on staff. Fortunately, Espyr offers unlimited and timely consultation by senior HR professionals on issues such as claims of discrimination, workers’ compensation, wage and hour claims, alternative dispute resolution, investigations, employee engagement, reducing employer liability and much more.

Each of our HR consultants has a Masters’ Degree in Human Resources, and/or holds SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources) certification, plus at least ten years of Human Resources practice experience, so they’re the perfect people to help out.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict is inevitable in today’s diverse, fast-paced workplace. Our highly accomplished consultants can assist your managers and supervisors in understanding peer-to-peer conflicts, work team conflicts and employee-manager conflicts and in developing appropriate plans to address each scenario.  Espyr can help you turn a conflict into an opportunity for mutual growth.

Espyr’s consultants can arrange on-site presentations and trainings or help managers refer employees directly to the EAP for further services. We can also arrange mediation or Alternative Dispute Resolution services which are provided by our professionally credentialed workplace mediators.

HR Organizational Development

Today’s harried HR managers are not only responsible for their organization’s compliance with its internal policies and procedures, but are also expected to be experts on a myriad of constantly changing external regulations, guidelines, and statutes that impact the organization, its benefits and its employees.

That’s why Espyr’s expert HR consultants are available to help guide managers through investigative techniques, regulatory compliance and consideration of all options. Each of our HR consultants has a Masters’ Degree in Human Resources, and/or holds SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources) certification, plus at least ten years of HR practice experience. So please, feel free to lean on us now and then.

Organizational Add-On Products

We offer several optional products that complement and add value to our Organizational Effectiveness Suite.


Spotlight is a high value add-on that would benefit any organization.  Spotlight is a unique program for improving workplace productivity and reducing costs related to absenteeism, employee turnover, healthcare and workers compensation. Spotlight’s proprietary analytics are combined with a proactive, consultative approach to identify and mitigate many previously unseen adverse life events with innovative solutions from an experienced staff of caring, licensed behavioral health professionals. We identify and help intercede with the hidden drivers of lower productivity, potential workplace volatility and increased expenses by delivering targeted interventions that can make a real difference in your employees’ lives.

Read more about how Spotlight can improve your workplace productivity and reduce costs.

Add-on Products To Improve Workplace Safety And Risk Management

Law enforcement agencies, first responders, private security firms and many safety-sensitive employers all rely on Espyr to help improve workplace safety and manage risk.  We are proud of our deep commitment in support of these occupations. We provide these organizations with state-of-the-art, legally defensible forensic risk management psychological evaluations conducted by specially trained professionals who are Board Certified Police and Public Safety Psychologists. Our technology-enabled screening services provide greater convenience and efficiency.

We offer several important products to help employers concerned with improving workplace safety and risk management.

A relatively small number of employees drive a disproportionate share of the costs of stress.  Spotlight is a unique combination of analytics and predictive modeling that identifies the risks and opportunities associated with this employee population and delivers targeted solutions to lower costs and improve productivity.

Occasionally an employee’s behavior raises the possibility that he or she could become dangerous to others or to themselves, damage employer’s property, negatively impact an employer’s reputation or otherwise expose the employer to unnecessary liability. When the issue has a psychological component, Espyr can help with our Fitness for Duty Evaluation, a service that provides employers with a defensible and comprehensive assessment of risks, recommendations and, if needed, a proposed return to work agreement with the employee.

More important today than ever, pre-employment psychological screenings mitigate risk for employers and their organization’s mission. Drawing upon our extensive work with hundreds of employers, our evaluations go beyond simply determining the presence or absence of mental disorders. We identify critical psychological characteristics for the position, and then utilize proven psychological methods to evaluate individuals in those areas.

Pre-employment screening is customizable by industry and job type.

According to OSHA, there are 2 million instances of workplace violence annually in the U.S. The threat of an unstable or dangerous employee (or a recently terminated employee) terrifying the workplace can be an organization’s worst nightmare. Fortunately, Espyr is there to support employers with our Workplace Threat Assessment service.

Having years of experience dealing with threat assessments in work settings, we are able to provide guidance about the risks and pitfalls of various strategies to deal with workers making a threat or posing a threat to the workplace.  In some cases, the consultation can be handled over the phone, while others may require an on-site evaluation of the employee, collateral interviews and other data gathering in order to resolve any potential threat.

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