A Popular Alternative To Counseling

As beneficial as counseling can be, it can still carry with it a stigma that keeps some people with behavioral health issues from seeking help. Furthermore, sometimes people need advice, direction or just someone to talk to, but they don’t need formal counseling. In both of these situations, the Espyr Coach Program can help. Like our counselors, Espyr coaches are mental health professionals with Masters degrees, yet coaching can have a more positive connotation than counseling. That means more of your employees will seek the help they need.

Different Coaching For Different Needs

Relationship issues, financial concerns, difficulty transitioning into a new position or location, leadership issues – any one of these can effect on-the-job productivity and engagement levels. Espyr offers coaching programs to address each of these situations.

  • Personal Coaching– Helps employees through issues or events that are impacting their lives in some way. They don’t necessarily need counseling; just someone to talk to.
  • Health Coaching– Helps employees through health issues, such as having trouble sticking to a diet or quitting smoking.
  • Financial Coaching– Helps employees with personal money management or financial issues.
  • LEAD (Leadership Excellence And Development)– Helps employees understand and address the behavioral health issues that are creating barriers to advancement or greater leadership success.

Coaching is Good for the Whole Company

Studies show that employees who take advantage of life coaching services see improvements in their both their personal and professional lives. And these improvements provide benefits for the entire company:

  • Increased employee retention
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Boost in productivity
  • Decrease in other performance issues

According to the International Coaching Federation


of companies who implement a coaching program feel the ROI was valuable.

Coaching vs. Counseling

Although the education level and training are similar, Espyr coaches and counselors differ in both approach and treatment. A coaching engagement is usually shorter; in fact, some may only consist of a single session to help an employee sort through an issue or question. The coaching approach is more solution-focused, helping the client understand why he or she can’t get from A to Z. Also, while Espyr coaches are qualified to assess a mental health condition, they don’t provide treatment; if treatment is deemed necessary, they will refer the client to a counselor instead.

Here are some more ways the Espyr Coach Program gets quick results:

  • Increases focus on aspects of the client’s life they want to improve
  • Helps clients create their own solutions
  • Identifies challenges and obstacles and turns them into wins

“Your EAP services have been of great value to our employees. It has helped them in a number of critical situations needing immediate attention. Our supervisors and directors routinely express how grateful they are of the help. Many thanks to ESPYR and its capable staff of professionals.”
Marque KilpatrickEmployee Relations Representative

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