Help your drivers pass their DOT re-cert exam. Get them FIT TO PASS.


Let’s face it: Being a professional truck or bus driver is not always the healthiest job. The combination of too much sitting, too little exercise and an unhealthy diet can lead to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart conditions and more. That can make passing the DOT re-certification exam quite a challenge.

Plus, with driver turnover soaring as high as 90% per year, you need to do whatever you can to keep your drivers on the road. You need to make sure they’re Fit to Pass.


It’s a Year-Round Program…

Fit to Pass is an ongoing coaching program designed to improve the health of professional drivers.  Licensed, professional Espyr coaches will work with your drivers one-on-one to create customized plans that reinforce and create healthy behaviors.


…With a 90-Day Prep for the Exam

For the 90 days leading up to each driver's DOT re-certification exam, Fit to Pass shifts into high gear.  This is a more intensive program, designed to put the driver in the best position to pass.


Everybody Wins

Developed by Espyr® and Bob Perry (The Trucker Trainer™),

Fit to Pass is easy, effective and extremely beneficial, both for drivers and employers:

  • Keeps drivers on the road
  • Helps retain experienced, skilled drivers
  • Saves on hiring and training new drivers
  • Reduces driver sick days
  • Increases overall productivity

Fit to Pass is a Team Effort

The team that developed Fit to Pass is extremely experienced in professional truck and bus driving, driver health and employee coaching.


Take the Healthy Route

You need healthier drivers. And your drivers need to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Espyr’s licensed, professional Fit to Pass coaches have the power to help you with both. They’re trained in the behavioral change and motivation techniques necessary to help drivers overcome the barriers and challenges to achieving their health goals – and passing the DOT re-certification exam.

Talk to Espyr about Fit to Pass today. For your drivers and your business, it’s the healthy thing to do.

To learn more about Fit to Pass – and how it can help keep your drivers on the road – please call us today at 1-888-570-3479.

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