Realize the Benefits of a Proactive Approach

High-stress occupations lead to unique behavioral health conditions that require unique behavioral health solutions. Without a proactive approach, these conditions can result in soaring turnover rates, diminished productivity, excessive healthcare costs and unnecessary organizational risk.

REALYZE is an innovative behavioral health solution that identifies those who have, or are on the verge of having, conditions like depression, stress, anxiety, PTSD, substance abuse and more. The REALYZE solution then proactively provides outreach and personalized care by Espyr’s licensed behavioral health experts. From identification to treatment to successful outcomes, REALYZE enables employers to realize a healthier, happier and more productive workforce.

How REALYZE is Different


Better Engagement

The REALYZE process begins with a clinically-validated online behavioral health risk assessment that looks across an employee population – a department, a job classification or an entire workforce. Employers no longer have to wait for employees to seek help, something employees are reluctant to do because of the stigma of mental health. Now employers have a solution that can engage those employees before their behavioral problems escalate into more serious behavioral and physical conditions.

Improves Wellness Program ROI

In addition to all the other benefits – for both employers and employees – REALYZE works well in conjunction with employers’ existing employee wellness programs, driving greater engagement in those programs, making them more effective and improving the return on investment.


A Complete Solution

We don’t stop at identifying at-risk employees. REALYZE combines assessment results with Espyr’s licensed behavioral health professionals – each with a Master’s or Doctorate degree. This is a complete behavioral healthcare solution, one which is fully managed by Espyr. Plus, Espyr providers, when compared to those from traditional healthcare plans, provide industry-leading care in a more cost-effective manner.


The entire REALYZE process is managed by a REALYZE Guide, also a trained, licensed professional. The Guide uses the screening information to evaluate each employee’s condition and connect them with the appropriate care provider. The Guide also ensures employees adhere to agreed-upon recommendations and/or commitments and conducts follow-up assessments to measure progress. With the ongoing presence of the Guide, employees stay more engaged and are more likely to reach successful outcomes.


No other solution provides this combination of assessment, care and process management.


For more information on how REALYZE can help your employees – and your business – please call us today at 1-888-570-3479.

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