The Problem: Those Who Need Help Often Don't Ask For It

Even the best, most ambitious EAP and wellness plans depend on employees to step forward when they need help. Unfortunately, frequently that doesn’t happen. That’s why we developed Spotlight®.  Spotlight is  behavioral health coaching optimized by data analytics to deliver measurable results.


1 in 5

American adults are diagnosed with a behavioral issue each year
(yet only 40% of them are treated)

0 million

Americans use illegal drugs
(yet only 10% of them receive specialized treatment)

The Spotlight Solution: Proactive And Targeted

Spotlight uses a proprietary algorithm to identify employees who are at the highest risk of driving healthcare expenses and most likely to respond to interventions. Once identified, these employees are connected with the appropriate behavioral health coach from Espyr’s network of licensed professionals, trained to handle issues such as stress, depression, PTSD, burnout and, even, relationship issues.

Enabling Better Outcomes, Better ROI

Spotlight enables employers to focus their healthcare dollars where they can have the greatest ROI, while the rich data set empowers Espyr coaches, leading to more successful outcomes.

  • Reduction in absenteeism
  • Increase in employee engagement
  • Increase in retention rates

Reduction in healthcare costs of up to


Spotlight Addresses The Hidden Cost Of Comorbidity


of adults with a mental disorder have at least one medical disorder


of adults with a medical disorder have at least one mental health disorder

Comorbidity – the all-too-common occurrence of simultaneous mental and physical health issues – drives higher healthcare costs.  Spotlight addresses comorbidity by making health conditions easier to diagnose and treat.

Spotlight is flexible, too. While it can be extremely effective in conjunction with existing health and wellness or disease management programs, it can also replace these programs completely. Often, Spotlight alone can yield a higher ROI than combination programs because of the operational efficiencies and the nature of proactive, targeted interventions at the individual level.

For more information on how Spotlight can help your employees – and your business – please call us today at 1-888-570-3479.

“We have been working with Espyr for over a year now. We have been nothing but impressed with the level of service they provide to our internal employees as well as our client employees. The level of responsiveness and professionalism that we receive is not able to be matched. We are very thankful for our partnership.”
Stacey LarotondaVP Client Services

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