Espyr’s Student Assistance Program enables colleges, universities, technical schools and other educational institutions to provide a range of support services for students to address the many personal and family issues that can disrupt student well-being and academic success. Our program helps schools retain more students longer and helps students achieve their academic potential.

Tailored For The Unique Needs Of Students And Academic Institutions

The basic Student Assistance Program (SAP) includes:

  • 24/7/365 access to licensed mental health professionals for emotional support and crisis intervention
  • Professional assessment, counseling and referral services for personal, academic and family concerns.  In-person, telephonic and video-based counseling options are available.
  • Consultation, resources and referrals for daily living needs such as community resources, financial and legal services
  • Consultation for faculty and staff regarding students and situations of concern
  • Topical workshops and support groups
  • On-campus SAP counselor staffing options
  • Case management for students referred by faculty or staff for academic, behavior or conduct concerns and positive drug test referrals for student athletes

Our SAP can be integrated seamlessly with existing, campus-based student counseling programs.

High Impact Add-On Products To Help Retain Students

Our caring professionals help students achieve their potential and improve academic success through personalized one-on-one telephonic coaching sessions. Coaching addresses concerns such as adjusting to student life, balancing school and personal life, time management, study skills, managing relationships and healthy lifestyle.

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