• Legal consultation provided by attorneys in-person or over the phone. Our legal services also include Simple Wills prepared at no cost, 24-hour emergency services, consultation with a mediator and a 25% discount off attorney or mediator fees for services rendered beyond the EAP.
  • Financial consultation regarding debt matters, investment options, money management, tax preparation and consultation and retirement planning. Financial personnel services are discounted at 25% as are CPA tax preparation fees.
  • Childcare information and referrals for all types of childcare, back-up care, summer programs,camps and schools. Includes vacancy checks.
  • Eldercare services to assess elder care needs, locate resources and arrange referrals.
  • Adoption specialists share information, organize and arrange referrals for all stages of this process.
  • Prenatal Program assists employees as they begin the process of pregnancy and becoming parents. Each employee receives a Prenatal Guide that includes valuable information to assist him or her as they make choices.
  • Academic resources including customized profiles of kindergarten through graduate school. College planning guidebooks are available. Referrals to tutors are also available.
  • Pet care services that offer a customized listing of breeders, groomers, walkers, sitters, kennels, veterinarians, and pet publications.
  • Special needs services and referral to assess employee needs, educate, and make referrals for various special needs affecting employees and their families such as heart disease, ADHD, disabilities, diabetes and more.
  • Concierge/Convenience services including research and referrals such as home improvement resources, cleaning services, travel information, wellness providers, relocation resources.
  • Identity Theft Recovery services that offers comprehensive assistance to help fraud victims recover their identity.

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