Responding To COVID-19

What the New Normal Will Look Like for Espyr Clients

As the COVID-19 pandemic has evolved, we’ve all been forced to change how we work, live, and relate to people.  “Experts” advise us that life has changed permanently, and we need to be ready for the new normal, whatever that may be.

On a daily basis we are also reminded – through the news media as well as the countless articles that hit our inbox – of the importance of mental health and how it impacts so many aspects of our lives.  What does the new normal mean for mental health and how should you be changing the way you take care of yourself?

None of us knows what the new normal will be.  Will life return to what we’ve been used to or dramatically change?

We can’t control what we don’t know, but we can prepare ourselves for the unknown.  We can make changes in our lives that make us more resilient, more mentally tough, for whatever that new normal turns out to be.   And that’s just what we’re doing at Espyr.  Here are a few examples.

More ways we’ll support you

  • TalkNow – Immediate telephonic support delivered by Espyr’s trained licensed mental health professionals.  No appointments necessary, no waiting to get help.
  • TMH – Tele-mental health counseling sessions delivered from a licensed clinician when multiple sessions with the same counselor are needed to get at the root of a problem and arrive at a solution.
  • New webinars – On-demand workshops and presentations to help you and your people build coping mechanisms for stress and anxiety
  • Virtual support groups – Workshops facilitated by mental health professionals to exchange ideas and provide group support
  • Expanded website – A COVID-19 Resource Center that is regularly updated to provide timely educational resources

How we deliver services will change

Clients have told us they like the option of being able to call for immediate support.  We get it.  Sometimes you just need to talk to someone who is qualified to listen and give you the advice you need, and you need it now.  We’re using technology and developing services to give you the immediate support you need.

Clients who may need more formal counseling sessions, have told us they want phone-based or videoconferencing options and not just in-person counseling.  That request may have been initiated because of shelter in place requirements, but we’ll continue to offer those options when shelter in place is over.

We’re developing a new and improved mobile app to provide easy access to our services and mental health resources.  We’ll have more to tell you about the mobile app soon.

Our commitment to you will never change

We will continue to identify user-friendly, technology-enabled solutions to make your life easier and help you maintain your mental health.  What you won’t see is any change in our commitment to you.  We’re here for you now and we’ll be here for you after this crisis is long gone.


Rick Taweel
President & CEO

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