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Seven Steps To Avoid Or Reverse Burnout

Burnout can ignite like a flame in this match.

In our last post we defined burnout, described the causes of burnout and provided a do-it-yourself quiz to help you know whether you may be suffering from burnout. We’ve all heard colleagues or friends talk about “feeling burned out.”  You may have felt that way yourself from time to time.  Medical researchers have studied burnout…

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Suffering Burnout? 8 Questions To Help You Know

Earlier this year, the World Health Organization officially recognized burnout as a legitimate medical diagnosis.  Burnout has received more attention over the past few years amid a flurry of reports documenting increasing occurrences across various occupations.   A recent Gallup study of nearly 7,500 full-time employees found that 23% of employees reported feeling burned out…

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Mental Health Disorders: Recognizing And Helping Those With PTSD

For many people, PTSD is hard to understand. Why does it happen to some people, but not to others? Does occurrence of PTSD indicate a weakness or some other mental health issue ? Are millennials more prone to mental health disorders like PTSD since we’re hearing so much more about it now than with previous…

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What Employers Need To Know To Prevent Workplace Violence

By now, less than a week later at the time of this writing, the deaths of 12 people from workplace violence in Virginia Beach, VA is no longer in the news.  Our society has become so inured from school shootings, workplace violence and other senseless acts of violence that we’re no longer shocked when they…

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The Surprising Role of Comorbidity In Chronic Disease Cost

Most people wouldn’t be surprised to hear that chronic health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, arthritis and cancer are major drivers of healthcare cost for employers. What may be a surprise is how frequently those chronic physical health conditions are comorbid with mental health disorders. In a nationally representative epidemiological survey 29% of…

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It’s Time To Address Mental Health Stigma

If you’re an employer, the mental health of your employees may be costing you a lot more than you think. In fact, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services, mental health disorders are the most costly medical condition, costing businesses about $200B per year in healthcare expenditures, plus an estimated $225B in…

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Service With A Smile? I Think I’ll Need A Drink With That.

Employee health can be at-risk when servers have to put on a happy face with an irate customer.

The customer is always right. Service with a smile. Those lines, or something similar, are a staple in employee training for many businesses. Turns out that putting on that smiling face might be detrimental to employee health. A new study published in the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology and reported on in MarketWatch, states that…

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Announcing The Launch of Realyze™ – A Targeted, Proactive Solution To Employee Behavioral Health Conditions

For immediate release April 25, 2019 Marietta, GA: Espyr today is launching REALYZE, an innovative behavioral health solution that packs a one-two punch for employers. First, REALYZE identifies employees who have or are on the verge of having conditions like depression, stress, anxiety, PTSD or substance abuse. Then, it provides a proactive outreach ensuring at-risk…

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Work/Life Balance: Are You A Workaholic Or Do You Just Love Your Job?

Workaholics often have work/life balance issues

.You work long hours. After dinner you whip out your laptop to take care of unfinished business. When it’s time for bed you’re thinking about what’s in store for tomorrow. Your mind is so active you find it hard to fall asleep.  Work/life balance seems to be an elusive concept. Sound familiar? For many of…

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4 Things Employers Need To Know About Gen Z

There’s a lot of debate about what Gen Z should be called. This newest generation has been dubbed everything from the iGeneration to Gen Tech to Post-Millennials. Name aside, there’s little debate that Gen Z workers are already reshaping America’s workforce. Older members of this substantial group – more than 61 million individuals in the…

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