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The importance of mental health in the workplace

The Importance of Mental Health In The Workplace A few months ago, Patti Murin, the actress playing Anna in the Broadway show, Frozen, tweeted that she needed to take some time off for mental health [...]

Health and Wellness: Is Your Company Keeping Up?

Health and Wellness: Is Your Company Keeping Up? The numbers don’t lie. The inclusion of new, innovative health and wellness offerings and initiatives as part of a company’s benefits package is increasing dramatically. In a [...]

Espyr Announces Major Marketing Partnership with Fairbanks

Espyr® Announces Major Marketing Partnership with Fairbanks Partnership To Bring Next Generation Behavioral Health Management Program To Fairbanks Employer Relationships Espyr, the leading behavioral health company developing innovative solutions for maximizing human and organizational potential, [...]

What Makes Healthy Companies Healthy?

What Makes Healthy Companies Healthy? Most of us spend more time at work than we do at home and research has proven that the modern workplace is not the healthiest place. Due to too much [...]

The Benefit That Retains Talent

A Benefit That Retains Talent and Cuts Cost? You’re In For a Surprise. It’s always a challenge to attract and retain good employees. But in times of high employment – like today – the challenge [...]

Removing the stigma of mental health

Removing The Stigma of Mental Health Many people feel uncomfortable talking about mental health. Thanks to a long history of movies, books and news stories, the term “mental illness” may conjure up disturbing images of [...]

5 steps to a more effective EAP

Five Steps to A More Effective EAP You made a smart decision. You researched comprehensive EAP (Employee Assistance Program) plans and now you’re interviewing providers in order to offer your employees a host of customized [...]

Suicides On The Rise: What Should Employers Do?

Suicides On The Rise:  What Should Employers Do? As always happens following celebrity suicides, the deaths of fashion icon Kate Spade and author/TV personality Anthony Bourdain have led to a barrage of TV, news and [...]