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The Surprising Link Between Mind, Body and Healthcare Costs

Although usually treated separately, mental health and physical health can influence each other in many important, surprising ways. Ignoring one or the other in your benefits offering can significantly impact your employees’ quality of life, [...]

How Financial Wellness Programs Are Good For Companies, Too

 While the current national economy is fairly strong, the state of our personal financial wellness is scarier than ever. According to the recent Country Financial Security Index, 67% of Americans are worried about their financial [...]

Your Workforce Is Not As Healthy As You Think

For the young men and women now in the workforce – now working for your company – anxiety and other mental health issues are on the rise. According to The Atlantic, this should not come [...]

The Surging Suicide Rate; What Should Employers Do?

Today’s news headlines that life expectancy for Americans fell for the second time in the past 3 years painted a disturbing picture of life in America.   The primary reasons for the decline? Increasing deaths from [...]

How To Manage Rising Employee Anxiety and Depression

A multitude of recent studies tell us that anxiety and depression are markedly higher now than in earlier eras. For employers, the most common tool provided to employees suffering from anxiety, depression and other mental [...]

The Cost of Sexual Harassment and Assault

From charges against Harvey Weinstein, to the #MeToo movement, to the contentious confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, sexual abuse and harassment have become – finally – elevated issues in our society. While these [...]

Workplace Drug Use: Think It’s Not A Problem For You?

If today’s employers are finding that employee engagement is especially low, it may be because some of their employees are high. A new study released this summer by Quest Diagnostics, a provider of diagnostic information services, [...]